Monday, September 21, 2009

Poster on my research

Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with your eyes. The text on the poster above is indeed too small to read. The poster is supposed to be A0-sized (which is a whopping 0.84 by 1.18 meter), but on screen it's a tad smaller. There's a bigger version with readable text on my Picasa album -- just click on the image to get there.

I made this poster back in April this year for a conference, but then I tore it to shreds while trying to remove it from a wall. Double-sided tape can be a bitch sometimes. To avoid further incidents with tape I decided to order a new version on foam. After some trouble getting it to our institute (you can't fold foam, and A0 catches a lot of wind when you're on a bike) it now decorates a previous empty spot on the wall.

So, what's this poster all about, you might ask. Short answer: my research. Long answer: unfortunately the long answer is so long I'll have to spend another post or two on it. So stay tuned ...