Monday, September 7, 2009


As a theoretical physicist working in the Netherlands, I'm a member of the DRSTP (the Dutch Research School for Theoretical Physics). I'm also a member of its students council, and as such I'm involved in the organization of the second DRSTP PhD-day.
The first one was back in April 2008 and was a lot of fun -- I'm pretty confident this year's edition will be the same. We're sticking to the same format: 6 speakers, 5 of which PhD students from the different Dutch universities and 1 former PhD student. Topics range from the gauge / gravity duality to petrophysics, and should be quite interesting (admittedly not for the non-physicist perhaps).
And can you spot the differences in the posters? I made both, and can't really decide which one I like best. It's funny how small changes can change the look quite dramatically. But perhaps I should focus less on graphical design and more on writing my PhD thesis. The bugger is due at the end of the year. Better start cracking.